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T-Mobile may soon offer plans without voice service

t mobile nixes voice service uncarrier john legere
T-Mobile shook the communications industry with its first “Un-carrier” plan to get rid of two-year contracts more than three years ago, and the magenta company might be gearing up to cause some disruption again.

Soon you may be able to choose from Simple Choice Data Only plans that also offer unlimited texting, according to a leaked image obtained by TmoNews.

“These plans are the perfect fit for customers who do not want any voice service on their device,” according to the leaked image. Who talks on the phone anymore, right?

The image shows six data choices, and if true, it would mean you will be able to choose one of these plans starting on March 30. The 2GB plan costs $20; 6GB costs $35; 10GB costs $50; 14GB costs $65; 18GB costs $80; and the 22GB costs $95. The plans will only be available on GSM devices.


If the new Simple Choice Data Only plan is true, it would provide a solid alternative for people who don’t use their smartphones to make calls anymore. If you do call every now and then but are still interested in this purported plan, there are features like VoIP and Wi-Fi calling you can utilize, through apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It’s unclear, though, if T-Mobile will still offer Wi-Fi calling through this data plan.

The plan is only available for Blackberry devices “that can use a smartphone rate plan,” meaning Blackberry 10 and the Priv, and it’s also not eligible for the $10 Automatic Mobile Internet Discount.

We have reached out to T-Mobile for confirmation, but it won’t be long until we find out if this new plan is real or not.

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