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T-Mobile’s Spring Break promo has data going wild, two-line deal starts tomorrow

A T-Mobile store.
When you think of spring break, warm weather, bikinis, and booze probably come to mind, but T-Mobile also wants you to think about data. It might not be at the top of your list, but who the hell wants to run out of data right smack in the middle of a vacation?

Tomorrow, T-Mobile is kicking off a Spring Break promotion in which you can grab two lines for only $80 per month. Each line gets unlimited minutes, text, and 6GB of data. That’s a total of 12GB since the data isn’t shared.

That’s more than enough data, but even if you think your thirst for megabytes will push you over the limit, don’t forget you can stream unlimited music and video from more than 100 services without any of it counting towards your data cap thanks to Music Freedom and Binge On. That means you can stream the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and so much more to your heart’s content.

If that isn’t enough, T-Mobile will also let you walk away with a brand new phone for $0 down (excluding taxes). You can grab the LG K7 starting tomorrow or wait until the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime launches soon.

When it comes to deals like this, they usually require four lines but it’s nice to see T-Mobile offering this option for smaller families.

If you wanted to get a similar plan on Verizon, it would cost you $120 per month. That would include 12GB of shared data between the two lines. Plus, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of free music and video streaming.

If T-Mobile’s pricing alone isn’t enough, than consider the fact that you will also get unlimited calling and texting when you’re in Canada or Mexico. Plus, you can use your existing data bucket. You can’t go wrong with that, especially if you’re planning to vacation in either country for spring break.

This deal is for a limited time, but T-Mobile didn’t tell us how long it will last. You can visit, T-Mobile stores, authorized dealers, 1-800-T-Mobile, or T-Mobile Care starting tomorrow to get in on the action.

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