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Taco Bell sends 1,000 people ‘Breakfast Phones’ with secret missions

taco bell sends 1000 people breakfast phones secret missions phone

Does the idea of a fast-food restaurant constantly sending you alerts throughout your day make you warm and fuzzy inside? Do you wish a national food chain would treat you like a secret spy and send you on missions? If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s a shame Taco Bell didn’t send a “Breakfast Phones” to you, because 1,000 lucky people recently got their chance.

Identified as a Tracfone Samsung T404G, these handsets are nothing more than a pre-paid burner phone with a big Taco Bell ad on them. They send out texts and pre-recorded messages to phone recipients. These time-sensitive missions — which include prompts like “Tweet which Taco Bell breakfast item are you into?” and “Where would you rather have a new Taco Bell Waffle Taco a beach in sunny California or in NYC?” — can be completed for various prizes.

As for the prizes themselves, they range from various Waffle Taco-themed clothing to a Crunchwrap Bed Set. Very strange prizes, to say the least, but that hasn’t stopped phone recipients from trying to get them:

This marketing campaign is all a lead-up to Taco Bell’s launch of its breakfast menu, which is slated for March 27 and includes the ever-intriguing Waffle Taco. If you’re itching to get yourself a Breakfast Phone, Taco Bell has sent them to those who the company know will spread the good word. In other words, simply asking for one will probably not get you one.

There are no easy rides in these Taco Bell streets.

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