Tekkon Ties iPods to Bluetooth Via myTalker

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Tekkon this week at MacWorld in San Francisco unveiled the myTalker, a Bluetooth device which lets users use their own music headphones to make and receive mobile phone calls while listening to a MP3 player. It is priced at $74.95 and should be available next month.

The myTalker, according to Tekkon, connects between an iPod or MP3 player and the music headphones. The rechargeable device also pairs itself with a Bluetooth mobile phone. Calls are heard directly through the music headphones and the user can speak through a microphone built into the myTalker unit.

Other features of myTalker include buttons for controlling call functions, indicators for headset status and low-battery, the ability to charge the device through a USB port and a weight of 1.2 ounces.