Mobile shopping continues to make an impact on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

thanksgiving mobile shopping phone
With Thanksgiving firmly in the rearview mirror, it is time for retailers to analyze how they did. Regardless of who you ask, however, it seems that the major sellers saw mobile shopping as a significant source of sales, reports TechCrunch.

Starting with Amazon, the online retailer noted that Thanksgiving became one of the more busier mobile shopping days, with the number of orders made on mobile exceeding those made over Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday in 2015. More specifically, in terms of number of items sold, Amazon looks to be on track to improve its sales over the same time period last year.

Moving to Target, that retailer noted that traffic and sales through its website saw record numbers, exceeding those from Cyber Monday last year. Most of those online sales were attributed to mobile shopping, which accounted for over 60 percent of Target’s online sales. What seems to have helped the retailer’s cause was its Cartwheel app, which saw its highest number of new users and included plenty of Black Friday pre-sale deals.

Not to be outdone, Walmart announced that Thanksgiving was among its top shopping days of the year. As far as mobile shopping is concerned, over 70 percent of its online traffic was attributed to mobile. Similar to Amazon, Walmart held app-exclusive deals, though the retailer did not say what impact, if any, those mobile-exclusive offers had.

Overall, it seems that mobile shopping is becoming a more significant source of sales for many of these retailers. Black Friday might also be over, but most deals are set to last through the weekend and into Cyber Monday. It will be interesting to see how mobile shopping fares on Cyber Monday, particularly since the “holiday” is growing in popularity when compared to Black Friday.

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