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The best Nokia 5.3 cases to keep your budget phone protected

At $200, the Nokia 5.3 is an excellent choice for a budget phone with a lot of oomph. While its camera may leave something to be desired, the large battery and ample processing power mean it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a high-value phone that doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

If you want your phone to go the distance, then it’s going to need some protection to make sure it gets there in one piece. A protective case is probably the best way to make sure your phone stays as pristine as the day you took it out of its box. Here are some of the best Nokia 5.3 cases you can buy right now.

Mylboo Clear Case

While the Nokia 5.3 isn’t necessarily the prettiest smartphone in the world, it’s not bad looking, and it’s definitely worth showing off. Mylboo’s clear case allows you to showcase your phone’s style while still keeping it protected. It’s made from soft and flexible TPU, which adds shock absorbency to your phone and also protects against scratches, dirt, and grit. It’s completely clear and super-thin, so it doesn’t add much bulk to your phone. The soft TPU adds grip, but note that this case won’t protect as well as bigger, bulkier cases, so you still have to be careful with your phone. This one’s a solid everyday case at a good price, and best of all, it even comes with a screen protector.

Dzxouui Rugged Anti-Slip Case

If you’re looking for something a little more durable for your everyday case, check out this great option from Dzxouui. It’s made from a firmer type of TPU, but it’s still flexible and easy to grip, and — importantly — it still adds the shock-absorbency you need to resist the bumps and dings of daily life. It has a style all its own, and while that’ll put some off, the combination of carbon fiber-style panels and a brushed metal texture adds a nice aesthetic. The edges of the case are raised, which stops your phone from resting on potentially hazardous surfaces, and there are airbags in the corners of the case, which should help to bolster it against more serious drops. This one’s another great choice for the price.

Osophter White Lace Fashion Case

Fashion cases are an excellent choice if you’re looking to complement your phone’s beauty, and Osophter’s case certainly does that. The white lace design is beautiful, but doubly so when combined with the case’s clear TPU material, which overlays the design onto your phone’s design. It’s definitely the case to pick if you want to make a statement, but it’s not all beauty and no brawn — the TPU will protect against scratches and dirt, and the raised corners will add more drop protection than your standard clear case.

HualuBro Leather-Style Wallet Case

We have a certain weakness for a good wallet case. HualuBro’s wallet case is made from PU leather, a material that looks and feels like regular leather but without the high cost. Your phone fits into a shockproof inner core, and the inside pocket has room for three card slots and a cash pocket, giving you the flexibility to leave your purse or wallet at home. It’s stylish, and thanks to the front cover, it’s protective, too. Flip your case closed and drop your phone into your bag, safe in the knowledge that the front cover will keep your display scratch-free.

Berry Rugged Shield Armor Case

If your phone is as likely to find itself on the trail as in an office, maybe invest in something a little more sturdy. Enter Berry’s Rugged Shield. It’s a dual-layer case, which means it’s made from a combination of soft TPU and hard polycarbonate, which lends a hard backbone to the flexible TPU’s drop protection. It looks as sturdy as it is, and while that may be a positive for initial impressions, it’s not the best if you’re looking for a case that’s as fashionable as you are. Still, militaristic looks aside, Berry’s Rugged Shield is one of the strongest cases you’ll be able to find to keep your Nokia 5.3 safe.

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