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The best ring tone apps for Android

Your Android phone comes well stocked with a variety of ring tones you can use to alert you when a phone call comes in as well as specialized tones for notifications and warnings. You can customize those sounds by recording your own original ring tones — or purchase professionally produced third-party ones — with the help of dedicated ring tone apps. These apps let you record or cut to specific parts of your favorite music track or audio file. Scouring the web for the best ring tone can get exhausting, so we made it easier to find or create the exact sound you want to hear. Here’s our rundown of some of the best ring tone maker apps for Android.

If you have an iPhone, you can create original ring tones for it, too.


RSFX — short for Ringtone Slicer FX — is an intuitive ring tone creator and audio editor that lets you both create custom ring tones and edit your favorite tunes for unique MP3 rings, alarms, and notification sounds. Effects include fade in or out for smooth melodies, volume adjustment for louder sounds, and EQ for bass and treble boost. Formats include MP3, WAV, and AMR. Zoom in on an audio file for your ring tone edit, tap the point where you want to start playback, and listen. The saved file shows up in the standard Android audio picker, available for all apps to pick a custom ring tone. The app is free and ad-free.


Zedge provides both ring tones and background wallpapers for free. Not only does Zedge offer a large selection of free ring tones, notification sounds, alert tones, funny tones, and alarm noises, you also can set individual contact ring tones, alarm sounds, and default ring tones and apply cool ring tones to anything. Beyond that, you get HD and 4K wallpapers, video backgrounds, stickers, and access to your ring tones and wallpapers across all your devices with one login. You also get notifications on limited-edition holiday wallpapers and ring tones for occasions and holidays like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s, Halloween, and Christmas plus customizations for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.


Use the free Ringdroid RingMaker MP3 Cutter app to capture the best part of any tune and save it as a ring tone, alarm, music file, or notification. With the app’s built-in player, cutter, and recorder, your results can be saved and stored or you can record live audio to edit and trim as you wish. The app supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and most music formats. A recording function offers an interface to record audio for editing and the ability to select and edit music from your phone. You can view a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at four zoom levels and set start and end points for the clip using an optional touch interface. After that, you can name the new cut while saving it as ring tone, alarm, or notification tone and then set the new clip as a default ring tone or assign to contacts.

Free Ringtones

Free Ringtones For Android Phone is a high-quality collection of more than 1,000 unique and diverse ring tones that you can download to set up for default ring tones, messages, or alarms. The curated ring tones span categories like funny, baby, animals, free songs, messages, pop music, rock, hip-hop, dance, rap, country music, Christian and gospel, Bollywood, and more and are updated and replenished weekly. The search feature helps you easily find your favorites. You can even make requests. Besides ring tones, the app makes available millions of gorgeous wallpapers.


The Ringo Ringtones app offers hundreds of free ring tones and notification sounds in popular music and song categories like classical, children, dance, hip-hop, love, movies, pop, R&B, rap, soul, reggae, religious, rock, country, and Latin. Other categories include funny, comedy, sayings, sound effects, and even iPhone ring tones. It also provides tools to easily manage ring tones, alarms, and notification sounds and facilitates easily changing your phone’s default, SMS, notification, and alarm sounds and lets you set custom ring tones to identify who is calling. All ring tones are professionally produced for quality control, or you can use any music file already on your phone. Ringo lets you access and assign your phone’s factory ring tones and notification sounds from the app so you can skip your phone’s settings. The app also allows you to share your favorite ring tones and ring tone categories with friends.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker is a free app that lets you create an unlimited number of free ring tones with the music you already have on your device, or you can record new audio. Just select music from your phone or from recordings, select the cut area, and save it as a ring tone, music, alarm, or notification sound. The app supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and most other music formats for either playback or recording. The app lets you preview and play all the output ring tones, manage your ring tone files, view a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at four zoom levels, and set start and end points for the clip via a touch interface. Then, name the new cut while saving it and set the new clip as your default ring tone, or assign the ring tone to any contact.

Ringtone Cutter

Want to create a ring tone just in a few seconds? Ringtone Cutter & Ringtone Maker is a perfect place to get started. Use the app to trim the best part of an audio file or recording in MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, FLAC, or most other audio formats. Just select music from your mobile phone or recordings and select the area you want cropped. Then save as a ring tone, music, alarm, or notification sound, or assign it to a contact. A complete library holds and reveals all audio files while category folders organize your ring tones. Contacts let you assign ring tones to all the important people on your list. A recorder lets you create an original audio file and set it as a ring tone, after which you can share tones with friends and family.

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