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As smartwatches get smarter, The Ish watch heads in completely the opposite direction

The Ish Watch

Smartwatches are one of the hottest products of 2013, and while manufacturers are still trying to figure out what makes a really good one, we’re at least guaranteed they’ll do something cool when strapped to our wrist. However, while these watches all turn right at the sign marked smart, there are others which head in the opposite direction to a town called stupid. One such watch is The Ish.

It’s a watch designed for people who don’t really care what time it is, unless that time is five o’clock, when they can punch their timecards and run off for a beer. Handily, the Ish wearer can save valuable seconds of drinking time by using the clasp to open a chilled bottle. Sadly, no instructions are given for what to do with cans, so owners may have to rely on advice from a friend should this confusing situation arise. 

The Ish Watch SmallAs you can see from the picture, the watch face is all blurry aside from when it reaches five o’clock. That’s right, it has taken Dolly Parton at her most literal, although rather than a cup of ambition being poured, The Ish assumes something slightly stronger will be consumed after its wearer disappears out the door at 5:01pm. Bosses everywhere will be on the lookout for employees wearing The Ish, as it will help them identify the most “dedicated” among the workforce. While the Pebble is being seen on Ashton Kutcher’s wrist, The Ish is for Homer Simpson.

Yes, but the Ish is just a bit of fun though, right? Something for blokes to show-off in the locker room, after the rough-and-tumble of some healthy team sports? Or maybe the ideal present for your favorite, alcohol-soaked relative? Perhaps, but it’s $150, which would also buy said sozzled uncle a good few bottles of Hennigan’s. Or a Pebble.

If, for some reason, The Ish has shot to the top of your Christmas list, it can be purchased right now from its aptly named manufacturer, Happy Hour Timepieces. Unless it’s after five, when we doubt anyone’s about.

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