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The Pixel 6 is the best cheap Android phone to buy this Prime Day

Ahead of the launch of the Google Pixel 6a later this month, Google is dropping the price of the Pixel 6 to $500 from $700, making it one of the best Prime Day deals for anyone who wants to grab the company’s current flagship. At just $50 more than the Pixel 6a, it makes Google’s upcoming cheap phone a little less appealing.

Google Pixel 6 — $499, was $599:

Google Pixel 6 Pro — $699, was $899:

We’ve reviewed the Pixel 6 at launch and found it to be a very good phone. A follow-up review only confirmed that account, with the only flaw being the battery and fingerprint sensor. Google has done a lot of work with updates to address the latter, and the camera has remained steadfastly good. The Android 12 software experience is one of the most delightful to use, with Google’s small touches here and there making the Pixel 6 one of the most enjoyable Android phones to use.

Three colors of Google Pixel 6a lie face down on a table.

There’s the question of the Pixel 6a though. Coming in just a few weeks, this cheaper, smaller Pixel has a lot of what the Pixel 6 has, but it drops the 6.4-inch smooth 90Hz display for a smaller 6.1-inch 60Hz display, the battery shrinks a little, and the camera is the same (still good) one that you’ll find in the Pixel 5. On balance, you’re getting a smaller phone and a much-improved fingerprint sensor.

There’s also one more advantage the Pixel 6 has over the 6a. It is available right now for $500 from Amazon and other retailers for a limited time. The Pixel 6 Pro, also, is seeing a price cut to $700. It’s not as cheap as the Pixel 6, but it makes a really good phone more affordable, with the higher price making up for the few flaws found in reviews.

Google Pixel 6 — $499, was $599:

Google Pixel 6 Pro — $699, was $899:

Seriously, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Pixel 6 Prime Day deal than this.

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