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Lovers and loathers: The tweeting masses respond to Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ tablet news

Twitter is usually a good place to go to get an early reaction to breaking news (indeed, these days the microblogging site breaks the news), with Microsoft’s Surface tablet announcement on Monday prompting many to express their thoughts and feelings on the new devices, albeit in 140 characters or less.

While a good number of people seem pretty impressed by the computer giant’s tablet offerings, others are dumbfounded at Microsoft’s failure to mention a price or release date. A fair few have simply asked why the company even bothered coming up with something that’s already been done.

Perhaps most surprising of all is that many appear to be more impressed with the accompanying ultra-slim keyboard cover than with the tablets themselves.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of just a fraction of what’s being said, divided into two camps: the lovers and the loathers….


“welcome back Microsoft, time to kick out the hipsters” – @agentsmart

 “‪Microsoft‬ ‪Surface‬ tablet – The most innovative tablet ever created. No, I’m not kidding. VERY NICE WORK” – @ByHenrik

“As bulky as it looks, the new ‪Microsoft‬ ‪Surface‬ Tablet looks like it has heaps of potential. Totally digging what they’ve done with it.” – @Matthewinnz

‪“Microsoft‬’s tablet Surface looks like it might be a tablet that can do things. Unlike the ‪Playbook‬ and ‪iPad‬ my wife and I are stuck with” – @Scott_Paradis

“Is it just me, or does it feel like Microsoft finally figured out tablets? ‪Surface‬ with Windows 8 looks great!” – @billpena

“As Yoda would say: “Begun the Tablet War has.” – @androidmoser

“It’s so thin! WOW Microsoft really blew me away with this new computer.” – @DebBreitenstein

“Newly announced Surface by Microsoft…..Shut up and take my money” – @ZakariaSoliman

“Yes, I am excited about Microsoft‬ Surface. It just has to find that pricing sweet-spot so consumers will want to buy it.” – @ericmlogan

“Now THIS is what a tablet should be like! ‪Microsoft‬’s “Surface” Tablet should be a game changer!! ‪#techwarsbegin‬” – @ishraquekhan


“Dear Microsoft, INNOVATE – look it up, it’s in the dictionary and no – the definition does not say ‘copy Apple’! ‪#surfaceyawn‬” – @paul_ricketts

“and ‪microsoft‬ does it again! another killer product for 1995!” – @erikvold

“So that’s where RIM’s marketing genius went. ‪#AvailableAtSomePointWhenWeAreActuallyReady‬” – @mkuplens

“‪Microsoft‬ announces new tablet called ‪Surface‬. I think it maybe too little and way too late. Maybe a better name might be the ‪iZune‬?” – @RichardFagen

“I think I’m gonna order my ‪Microsoft‬ ‪Surface‬ with the blue Touch Cover to match the Blue Screen of Death” – @chriskk

“Oh ‪Microsoft‬. You can’t create an ACTUAL buzz without announcing a release date and a price. EVEN if you have to change it later.” – @_KidIncredible

“Laptop: a computer and keyboard with a fold-up screen. ‪Microsoft‬ ‪Surface‬: a computer and screen with a fold-down keyboard.” – @DerekKen

“I don’t really care if the MS Surface is better/worse than an iPad… Its been done. Do something original” – @bmatthewwhite

“Seriously ‪Microsoft‬. You didn’t quote prices. You didn’t even mention battery life. You didn’t provide a link to order a Surface. ‪#stupid‬” – @jackwilliambell

“wow…Microsoft can’t even get their tablet right. they should just stick to the only thing they are good at…Xbox” – @mt_jensen22

And let’s not forget the…..

 Keyboard applauders

“one thing I do like about the new ‪#Microsoft‬ Surface. the way the keyboard attaches, detects, etc. Better than anything I’ve seen 4 apple” – @dbrinkmann

“I think the thing that excites me the most about the new tablet from Microsoft is the full size keyboard.” – @david_maynard

“I love my iPad to death but that keyboard cover looks pretty slick, nicely done.” – @FindWaldoNow

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