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These are the 5 apps you need to download this week

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App stores are crowded places these days, and because storage space on your phone is often at a premium, you’ll want to find and fill it with not only the best, but also the most helpful apps out there. Because they come and go quicker than the latest fashion trends, and digging through Google Play, the iTunes App Store, or any of the others is such a mission; a little nudge in the right direction is often very welcome. Here are the apps we think you need to check out this week.



iOS, Android

Remember when there was a big to-do about Apple dropping Google Maps and opting to make its own? It was a somewhat controversial decision because of how ubiquitous Google Maps had become and how far behind Apple was on development, which led to some comedic mishaps as users tried to get directions. That has since been ironed out and Apple Maps and Google Maps live together in harmony on the OS.

And now the case can be made that neither are the best mapping app for mobile users. Nokia’s HERE has arrived, making the leap from Windows Phones to the wider used iOS and Android. HERE has quietly been one of the better options for navigation thanks to excellent directions and routing options along with offline maps—a favorite feature and lifesaver for anyone who finds themselves without a 4G connection for any period of time. If you’re looking for a way to get around, Nokia’s HERE is a great choice.

Google Calendar for iPhone



It’s a bit of a shock that this app wasn’t available sooner. Google Calendar has somehow evaded the iPhone, but the Google team has finally decided to bring its excellent day planner over to Apple’s smartphone. Designed to sync up with your existing calendars and keep you on track, Google Calendar features an easy overview of your day, instant links to information from your email, assists to add new events with ease, and more.

NCAA March Madness


iOS, Android

Okay, we’re cheating a little here. The NCAA March Madness Live app isn’t new, but it is an app that you absolutely must have. March Madness is about as good as it gets for sports fans, with game after game going down to the buzzer and upsets occurring all over the place. You never know who’s going to come out on top and NCAA March Madness Live is the best way to keep track of it all. Live stats, in-depth analysis, and streaming capabilities make it the ultimate companion for this time of year.




In today’s world of regular hacks and security breaches, it never hurts to take an extra step to lock down your devices. Two step authentication methods are a great way to help with this, and so is requiring an actual physical presence. That’s what Tether provides. If you walk away from your MacBook with your iPhone in your pocket, this app will automatically put up a shield from anyone accessing your computer. Come back within range and you’re free to go about your business. It’s a nice added layer of passive security.




Tinder, at its core, is for meeting new people. But Hushbook has repurposed the familiar swipe left or right interface for an inverse purpose: removing friends from Facebook. It never hurts to thin the herd when it comes to your social network, especially when you can feel the newsfeed getting a little crowded. Hushbook makes it easy work your way through your list of friends and get it pared down to a more manageable number. Best of all, your friends won’t have a clue if you have them a keep or an unfollow.

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