These are the ambient social apps competing for SoLoMo dominance

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Glancee arguably takes second place in the SoLoMo name recognition category. Unlike Highlight, Glancee doesn’t use a map and time stamp to indicate where and when you were near a person, instead focusing on the user’s Facebook profile photo and little else. It will tell you how far away a person is or was, though.

Pros: At SXSW, the Highlight activity skyrocketed and Glancee didn’t seem to have as much going on. At home, however, there have been more results using Glancee than Highlight. It’s similarly easy to navigate, and you can start chatting with someone nearby you incredibly easily. The Radar feature tells you how many steps away a person is as well: a nice, accurate addition.

glanceeCons: Upon further inspection, some of that impressive activity looks like it’s inaccurate. According to Glancee, Robert Scoble was in my neighborhood yesterday (given that I’m in Portland, Oregon, I want to say this is false). The UI, though easy to navigate, leaves a great something to be desired. And like all apps in this genre, battery life and lack of users make it difficult to use consistently. Also, the lack of a map to show when I was close to someone is a little disappointing. There also isn’t a search option at all. 

Best if… : You like a simple user interface without many features. Glancee keeps everything you’d want to use in three tabs.

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