These are the ambient social apps competing for SoLoMo dominance

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There was some pre-SXSW hype about Kismet, largely because it has a bonus privacy feature that its competitors don’t. Instead of showing location details for everyone, Kismet only offers exact location if a person has checked in somewhere.

Pros: This privacy enhancement definitely sets it apart from the crowd. (Of course, you could argue that if you’re using a SoLoMo app, you aren’t particularly privacy-conscious.) Kismet even takes into account hte residential address you’re often at and then hides them (you can pause the other SoLoMo apps, but that isn’t something that they recognize on their own). Kismet is a more fully-featured app than its competitors – there’s a lot more going on. You can create meetings and events and check-in all from the app. You can also see how many times another user has reached out to others on Kismet, so you can avoid them if you want.

kismetCons: The biggest problem with Kismet is that it needs a bug fix. The app consistently asks me to move my phone in a figure eight to recalibrate. Also, given its lesser notoriety, fewer people are using it… meaning it’s sort of quiet. The UI is a little bit busy given that Kismet is trying to accomplish more than just letting you know who’s nearby, and there’s a trade-off there. 

Best if... : You want to try these apps out but can’t get past the privacy thing. 

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