These are the ambient social apps competing for SoLoMo dominance

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Banjo is a relative veteran in this new market. It launched last summer, long before the pre-SXSW SoLoMo chatter hit new heights. With a handful of updates and its relatively long-term status, this app has been able to keep up

Pros: This app has a lot in common with Sonar, including the fact that it integrates with a handful of accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram. It keeps it a little more personal by only alerting you when friends check in around you, not quite the extended social circle that the new class of social ambient apps are working with. There is a possibility for this, however, because Banjo takes into account geo-tagged public posts. You aren’t limited to searching by people either — for instance, you can search locations or events people may have checked into. 

banjoCons: Since it’s similar to Sonar, is has similar issue. The more social networks, the noisier it can get. And meeting unknowns carries the same sort of discomfort. These two are better positioned for making use of your social networks’ location data rather than finding new people or having a totally seamless ambient experience. So while they might be more useful, they don’t have the same simplistic UI and natural discovery as competitors do.

Best if… : You’re a social media butterfly and want to leverage all the contacts you’ve collected. 

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