This is the creepiest iPhone case, hands down


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When it comes to adding WTF-ness to the world, Japan is the supreme leader. It seems as though 90 percent of what makes it from that country to America is either spectacularly gross, incomprehensible or downright perverted. But this staggeringly peculiar iPhone case somehow manages to combine all three.

Instead of simply featuring an elegant wood finish or particularly protective plastic, this iPhone case has a freakin’ life-sized severed hand glued to the back of it.

Actually, it would be less creepy if it were like the kind of severed hand you’d buy as part of a Halloween costume. Instead, this thing is apparently supposed to be more like a living hand, like one you might hold when you feel lonely. *shudder*

In fact, that appears to be exactly the point of this disturbing accessory. From what we can tell from the advertisements, the hand is strategically formed so that you hold it every time you have a phone call. One of the pictures even shows a guy slipping a wedding ring on one of the lifeless silicone fingers and then holding the hand against his face, in a loving embrace.

If you thought that was as creepy as this thing gets, you’d be wrong: The case comes in two versions, one with an adult hand and the other with a child’s hand.

So many questions come to mind. For instance, why does this exist? What about Japanese culture makes something like this acceptable?

To be fair, it’s entirely possible, even likely, that this isn’t acceptable, that the vast majority of Japanese would think you’re psychotic for having one of these. Or, you know, not…

If, for whatever reason, you want to buy one, you can get it here. Each case is handmade, and costs about $65.

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(Via The Next Web, BitRebels)