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Samsung leaks names of three unannounced products in Android app

ifa unpacked logoIt looks as thought Samsung has provided the leaked information on three mystery products to be announced September 1. There appears to be three logos for unannounced products buried inside Samsung’s Android app created for their IFA conference. The product names are Galaxy Note, Wave 3, and Galaxy Tab 7.7. The Wave 3 is most likely Samsung’s next Bada Device which isn’t overly interesting. The Galaxy Note and Tab 7.7 have peaked our interest though as they appear to be variations of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line up.

Samsung has already released the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and announced the Tab 8.9 but there has been no word about a new 7.7inch Samsung tablet. There is of course no specs or hardware information to share about the new tab as we only know of the name. It is safe to assume due to the name that it will be much like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that we know and love, but just be a slightly more pocket friendly size. 

The head-scratcher of the three devices wold have to be the Galaxy Note. Judging form the name it is most likely a phone or tablet, since we haven’t seen Samsung release any other product with the Galaxy name tag on it. We are guessing that the Galaxy Note will most likely be a tablet that comes with a stylus, much like HTC’s 7inch tablet. We of course reserve the right to be wrong, but following Samsung’s naming scheme it makes sense.

Bada is Samsung’s homegrown mobile smartphone operating system.  It seems odd that Samsung would continue making bada devices when it is doing so well with Android.  It looks as though Samsung is keeping bada alive just in case Google’s purchase of Motorola shakes up the Android game and the company has to jump ship.

IFA is on September 1, so we should know all about these three products then.

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