Shoot smoother video like the pros with Steadicam Smoothee

Steadicam smootheeTiffen’s Steadicam is popular with film and professional videographers. The $60,000 camera mounting is worth every penny to those who rely on it to prevent jerky movement when shooting while in motion. If you’ve ever wondered how they get those smooth panning shots when you watch a movie, it’s by using a Steadicam.

The Smoothee is a Steadicam for the rest of us. It provides the same concept –a gimbaled stable platform for an iPhone, fourth-gen iPod Touch, and GoPro Hero, Hero 2, and Hero/iP4 devices. At CES 2013, they showed off the latest version for the iPhone 5. When mounted in a Steadicam Smoothee, the shakes that are common with shooting video on an iPhone are replaced by a smooth, professional-looking shooting experience. This is especially important when shooting high-definition video.

The Smoothee is built around a sturdy and durable metal frame and features an interchangeable camera mount so that it can be used with different camera options. A belt clip – to further anchor the setup – is included with each Smoothee system. Mounting is easy, and the frame provides a comfortable hand gripe to aim and guide the video device.

The Smoothee retails for $169 and additional camera/device mounts are $24.95 each. It’s definitely far more affordable and accessible than the $60,000 unit Steadicam sells to the pros. Also available is a $49.95 travel bag.