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Tim Cook discusses iPhone, iTV, iOS 7 and more in new interview

tim cook apple annoucement laughing september 12 iphone 5 unveilingApple CEO Tim Cook has been interviewed by AllThingsD this week, and along with talking extensively about wearable technology, paying particular attention to watches and glasses, he also spoke on a variety of other subjects. Here’s some of the key quotes from the interview.

On a big-screen iPhone, and the iPhone Mini

“A large screen phone comes with a lot of trade-offs,” said Cook, mentioning realistic colors, battery life and brightness as being concerns customers have about big-screen phones. In a comment which sums Apple’s ethos up very well, Cook says its customers want the company to make these complicated decisions for them, and the Retina display is, “Overwhelmingly” the best option.

As for the iPhone Mini, low-cost iPhone or however you want to refer to it, Cook discussed the various iPod models, and how they played a different role and new models often proved there were alternative markets out there. Apple hasn’t done this with the iPhone, as, “It takes a lot of really detailed work to do a phone right,” but apparently he is questioning if Apple is, “Now at a point to serve enough people (with the iPhone) that we need to do that?”

On iOS 7

AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher asked, “Is this a big update to iOS?” Ever the tease, Cook answered, “I think I will let you be the judge.” He called Jony Ive’s input key to the development of iOS 7, and highlights the importance of a blend of hardware, software and services from the company. Ive’s contribution to both hardware and software has, “amped up” the marriage of these three aspects.

On Apple TV and the iTV

Cook confirms 13 million Apple TV’s have been sold, with half of that figure in the last year alone; but he understands not all the things which, “Aren’t so great” about television have been answered with the little box. He added that television, “continues to be an area of great interest,” and that the current technology is, “Outdated.” However, he stopped short of providing any detail, but did say there is a, “Grand vision” for television. He also sidestepped the question of whether we would see a related product launch from Apple this year.

Further choice quotes

On Android tablets: “The iPad changed the game, I don’t hear that from people that have Android tablets,”

On opening up iOS: “I think you will see us open up more in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.”

On porting Apple apps to Android: “We have no religious issue with doing that. If we though it made sense, we would do it.”

On secrecy: “We release products when they are ready … We think customers love surprises. I have no plan on changing that.”

On Maps: “We screwed up, It’s greatly improved, but no there yet.”

Tim Cook will most likely next appear on stage during Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The keynote presentation is scheduled for June 10, at which time we can expect to learn more about the future of iOS and OS X.

Full video

AllThingsD has posted the full video. You can find it below.

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