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Time Warner Cable didn’t know it offered a free tablet if you upgrade

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Time Warner Cable customer Frank Catena recently received an offer in the mail to upgrade to a bundle that included TV and 50 Mbps Internet speeds for $85. If Catena took advantage of the upgrade, Time Warner Cable would give him a free Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1. However, when Catena called the company to sign up, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Catena explains on Reddit that no less than seven people at the company told him that there was no such offer. Catena was transferred from one representative to the next. Finally, a customer service representative told him that the promotion wasn’t real. The rep told Catena that he did not qualify for the promotion, even though the letter states the offer is for current Time Warner Cable subscribers.

Catena eventually talked to an eighth customer service representative, who told him that, based on what the letter says, he should be able to qualify for the offer. While Catena intends to take advantage of the offer, he wasn’t thrilled to be put through so many hoops. The situation seems to be a case of Time Warner Cable’s marketing department sending out promotions that the company has no intention of honoring, so if you receive a similar offer in the mail, be wary.

Catena posted an image of the letter, which can be seen below.

TWC deceptive offer

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