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Tinder helps you get more matches with “swipeworthy” Smart Photos

Sometimes, putting your best foot forward means alternating feet. Tinder understands, and in an effort to always present the best version of you, the famous dating app has introduced Smart Photos, which promises to make you “swipeworthy.” Just what every gal — and guy — has wanted to hear!

According to the app’s blog post announcement, there is a new algorithm in the land of Tinder that “maximizes your match potential” by alternating the photo seen first by your potential matches and keeping tabs on how many right swipes each photo gets. The one that lands you the most virtual nods is prioritized, so that your dating prospects see the version of you that others have found most attractive. Great!

In initial testing, Tinder says, users saw a 12-percent increase in matches after the algorithm rearranged photos on the behalf of users. “Let’s face it — we all want to know what works and what doesn’t, how to improve our profiles, and insight into what gives us a swipe up on the competition,” the blog post said. “Tinder’s Smart Photos continuously tests your profile photos for their success, so that you’re always leading with the photos most likely to be swiped right.”

Basically, if you want Tinder to tell you which side is your best side, Smart Photos is here to help.

Of course, the post notes, “We all Swipe Right for different reasons, so everyone on Tinder has a distinct swiping pattern.” But do not worry —  “Smart Photos takes into account each individual’s swiping pattern when selecting which of your photos they’ll see first.” And of course, to incentivize you to swipe more often, Tinder insists Smart Photos only gets smarter with more use.

So go ahead — see which side of you garners you the most attention. Maybe you can use it as your next LinkedIn profile picture, too.

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