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This Star Wars Day, join the Un-carrier rebellion and fight ‘The DeATTh Star’

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It’s May the Fourth, the day we celebrate everything Star Wars, and you know that T-Mobile and John Legere will take this opportunity to mock an archrival.

Today, it’s all about AT&T. Why is AT&T the chosen one, you ask? In case you aren’t familiar, Legere often refers to AT&T as “the Death Star,” since its logo kind of looks like it. So there is no better day than today to call the carrier out, but rest assured, it won’t be the only day of the year that happens.

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Now is your chance to use the power of the force against the dark side by joining the Un-carrier rebellion. In order to do that, you’re going to have to fire up the Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop, and download T-Mobile’s new Chrome extension, appropriately called The DeATTh Star. This simple extension will replace all text instances of “AT&T” on any web pages you visit with “The DeATTh Star.”

You might be wondering why Legere chose a Chrome extension. He wanted to make sure that no one would use any of their precious data using a mobile phone in the process. Desktops and laptops are traditionally connected to Wi-Fi networks, and Chrome extensions don’t work on the browser’s mobile version. Not using up data is more important for customers of AT&T, and other rivals, because they continue to soak their customers with data overage charges, while T-Mobile doesn’t.

On top of data overage charges, Legere also calls out AT&T for using its DirecTV service to trap customers into two-year satellite contracts after dismissing them on the mobile side. He also claims that AT&T is hiding the fact that customers are leaving the carrier, but because the company pads its numbers with connected cars, tablets, prepaid migrations, and Mexico net adds, it’s not so obvious.

To get in on the fun, just download The DeATTh Star extension from the Chrome Store. Then open any web page with a text instance of “AT&T” in it. (Hint: You can use this page.) And finally, none of this would be any fun unless everyone shares it on social media, so make sure to take a screenshot and use the #DeATThStar hashtag.

Remember, you don’t have to be a T-Mobile or AT&T customer to get in on the fun. Everyone is welcome to join the Un-carrier rebellion.