To speed up the announcement of a new Xperia, Sony wants you to do the time warp

Sony Fast Forward Facebook PageOver the past week, Sony Mobile has been posting some cryptic images on its official Facebook wall and via its Xperia Twitter account. All showed something hidden underneath a white cloth placed in front of a bright background, and telling us it has “something fun, social and exciting” ready for us today.

Sony promised that at 11am GMT on Monday, all would be revealed, but like its Android update schedule, that time turned out to be approximate. Judging by the comments on its Facebook wall, Sony didn’t make many friends by not sticking to its own, self-imposed time frame either.

They made even less when the announcement went live, as it turned out not to be a new device, but a pre-announcement for a device coming soon.

Instead of yet another “coming soon” banner, Sony has added a countdown that can be influenced by you and your Facebook friends, putting “the next Xperia announcement in your hands.” It’s quite clever really, and we’d expect it to gain them plenty of new “Likes” between now and the countdown’s end.

It works like this: When you click a fast forward button, the time decreases by a few seconds, and this can be repeated everyday until the clock finally reaches zero. At the time of writing, there’s just under 11 days to go, and six hours have already been shaved off the total time. Depending on how many people click the fast-forward button, the new phone will be revealed on or around June 22.

Which new Xperia can we expect?

So what could it be? If we go by the leaked roadmap supposedly detailing Sony’s new products for the coming year, the Tapioca — which has been leaked under the model number ST21i — is expected in July, making it a distinct possibility. It’s a basic Android phone with an 800Mhz processor, and could have the official title of the Xperia Tipo.

The roadmap also mentions the Lotus, which coincidentally appeared in a post on Sony Mobile Italy’s Facebook page, just a couple of hours before today’s pre-announcement, um, announcement. Thanks to the wonders of Google Translate, the single-line post asked if we’re “ready for the new Xperia Lotus,” and described it as “stylish but tough.”

Last week, Sony revealed the Xperia Go and Xperia Acro S, both of which are water and dust resistant, so the Lotus may continue this tradition.

If you want to see Sony’s new Xperia phone sooner rather than later, you best visit its Facebook page and start clicking on the fast forward button.