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Pianist turns well-known ring tones into classical masterpieces

tony ann ringtones piano
Certain ring tones have become extremely famous over the years — especially the default ones that people just can’t be bothered to change. Take Apple’s Marimba, for example. Or the classic Nokia ring tone, which is perhaps outdated but still very well-known. Both of these are instantly recognizable tunes, perhaps as recognizable as Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, or Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

But what happens if you merge these recognizable ring tones with classical music? That’s what musician Tony Ann set out to do, blending his stellar piano skills with the most recognizable ring tones in history.

Some of the ring tones in Ann’s video are obvious, like Nokia’s original ring tone or Apple’s Marimba. Some, however, take a little more ring tone history knowledge to be aware of. And some you’ll recognize but not realize that it was a ring tone. You’ll also hear some ring tones from carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T — there’s something for everyone in Ann’s rearrangement of classic ring tones.

Of course, the fact that there are ring tones being played on classical piano isn’t the only cool part — Ann is also a pretty amazing pianist. So much so that you might want to replace the ring tones you have with his versions. At least there will be a hint of originality to your way overplayed ring tone.

Sure, Ann’s arrangement of ring tones is his most popular YouTube video to date, but it turns out he has a knack for turning songs into classic masterpieces. His channel also features arrangements of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Nick Jonas’  Close, and even Adele’s Hello and Someone Like You, which he appropriately plays out in a field.

To hear what your ring tone might sound like in classical music form, check out the video below for yourself.

Famous Cellphone Ringtones Played On The Piano (Tony Ann Arrangement)

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