Top 5 best Android games you need to play this weekend

android games

When it comes to the Google Play Store, it can be challenging to find the best Android games. That’s why this week, we’re giving you a roundup of our favorite Android games. You’ll find everything from strategy games and tower defense games, to drag racing games.

Here are our top 5 best Android games you should play this weekend:

Fortress Fury


Fortress Fury is a new strategy game developed created by YouTube’s CaptainSparklez (Jordan Maron). In Fortress Fury, players will explore the fantasy land, Forterra, where they will summon soldiers and build fortresses with arcane magic. Players can choose from thousands of weapons to help defend their homes from attackers. Energy crystals can be used to boost players potential. Players can earn Energy Crystals in-game or buy them with real money.

Dragon Blaze


Dragon Blaze is a role-playing game developed by GAMEVIL. The RPG takes players to Dragon’s Landing, where they need to save the human race in its war against the dragons. In Dragon Blaze, players can choose between five different hero types: Warrior, Archer, Mage, Priest, or Rogue. As players advance, they’ll recruit and train new members, each has their own abilities. The game features raid bosses in real time with other players from around the world.



Seabeard is an adventure game developed by Backflip Studios, Inc. Players will follow the great captain Seabeard and set sail to encounter the challenges of the ocean. The goal is to unite the lands into one kingdom, called Accordia. Players engage in various activities from sailing to battling with menacing sea monsters. There are some in-app purchases with Seabeard, but it’s still very popular. The graphics and gameplay is reminiscent of Nintendo games.

Tiny Realms


Tiny Realms is a real-time strategy game created by TinyMob Games. After releasing Tiny Realms on iOS, the creators successfully completed the Android closed beta, and the game is now available for all to download. Similar to popular strategy game Clash of Clans, players battle against their friends and others from around the world. You can choose to play as cunning humans, powerful dwarves, or TEGU lizards. You can create massive armies made of robots, polar bears, mammoths, wizards, and more. Tiny Realms offer an epic single player mode, which offers more than 50 story mode quests.

Perfect Shift


Perfect Shift is a drag racing game developed by Lextre. When the game was first launched in March, Perfect Shift received over 2 million downloads, making it one of the hottest racing games available on Android. This high-speed game offers players multiple levels with an immersive storyline. In Perfect Shift, players will need to achieve the “perfect shift,” and beat their opponents across the finish line. Players can choose from over 25 cars and upgrade their engine, turbo, gearbox, tires, nitro, and more. Players can make their way up the leaderboard by challenging fearless opponents.

That’s it for this week, but stay tuned for next week’s list. The best iOS games are also on their way!