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Show up Santa with 5 amazing holiday gifts that will make them swoon

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but also the season to hook up the ones near and dear to you with some of the best tech released this year. In the past 12 months, we’ve found new ways to check the time, track our health and even got that much closer to hovering around like Marty McFly… (well kind of). We’ve seen technology take major leaps towards the future, so don’t let the gifts you give this holiday stay stuck in the past.

This is your chance to become everyone’s favorite gift giver. Leave those ugly holiday sweaters and random trinkets behind, and go down in history as the best of the best by giving some of the best gifts this year has to offer.

Take a look at our top five gifts of 2015 by watching the quick video above. The title is yours to take this year!

Fitness trackers


Give that health guru in your life something to scream about when they rip open their gift and find one of the hottest trackers available. Fitbit offers new ways to keep tabs on your steps, sleep activity, heart rate and more in an easy to use companion app. If staying active is a burden, turn it into an exciting challenge as you go head to head for trophies, achievements and the ability to see your face on the top of your personal friends and family leaderboards.

With tons of options available, there’s trackers that will fit the styles of everyone you have in mind. The $130 Charge keeps things small for those not looking to take up too much wrist-space while the $250 Surge gives all of the benefits of a Fitbit alongside a few smartwatch perks like on-screen call and text messages. No matter which FitBit you decide to go with, there’s a shape, color and design available that’s sure to make everyone happy. Just don’t let the new competition top you on the charts!



Raise your gift giving to new heights (literally) when you gift a drone this year. Drones are remote controlled quadcopters that often have cameras attached to them, making it incredibly easy to get amazing aerial footage. You can credit drones for bringing some breathtaking shots to the big screen, but they’re a blast to fly around aimlessly too!

Whether you’re an experienced pilot, or someone just looking to catch some air, there are plenty of different brands and models to fit the person you have in mind. Start them off small with the Eachine H8 for as low as $28, or send them straight to the big leagues available with one of DJI’s more professional drones. Remote-control cars seem so lame next to these things. Just don’t forget to register it before take off!



While they may not truly hover, these two-wheeled self-balancing scooters have become one of the major faces of tech this past year. Compact, portable and tons of fun, riders can hop on and ride around for miles on a single charge. Though recent commotion concerning fires may scare many from giving that special someone the board they’ve been begging for, if you do some homework you can make their holiday wishes come true while also keeping them safe.

Having become such a trend, these boards fell subject to many cheap knock-offs being sold with low quality lithium-ion batteries. The key is to avoid the knock offs and search for American-based companies like Glitek that offer boards with Samsung and LG batteries, warranties and even extended protection coverage offered. With boards starting at $500 and reaching up to $700, you get what you pay for in safety, but also bells and whistles like built-in Bluetooth speakers. Marty McFly may be a little underwhelmed, but we’re pretty confident your giftee will love you forever after finding this under all that wrapping paper.

Apple Watch


Sick and tired of that special someone never answering their phone or claiming they just happened to miss that text message you sent? Not with an Apple Watch. They’ll be able to read and answer text messages, use Siri, get news updates, and more, all from their wrist. What’s cooler than that?

With tons of available bands to switch up styles and plenty of sizes and colors to pick from it’s easier than ever to make a watch feel like it’s truly yours. Grab the sport model starting at $350, or upgrade the casing and screen quality for something a little shinier and durable at $550.



Give the gift that the whole family can enjoy! But good luck peeling their eyes away from the screen of a 4K UHD TV after you give one. It’s all about the pixels: A UHD TV has more than four times the number of pixels in your basic 1080p TV, plus a wider range of colors. That means you’ll see more detail and overall clarity when watching movies, playing your typical games, and more.

Pretty soon, 4K UHD is going to become the standard for content, especially with sources like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube and more already on board. Adding a TV like the Samsung JS7000 SUHD Smart TV, ranging from $1,700 to $2,500, is like adding a giant piece of art into the middle of your living room. It’s an upgrade you definitely won’t regret. Seeing is truly believing, and with this gift you can help that special someone get a jump on one of the biggest tech trends today.

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