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Selfie fail: Texas college student takes topless pic, hits police car, gets arrested

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The annals of recent history are replete with tales of unfortunate selfie fails. Take these tourists who fell off a cliff in a spectacular self-portrait screw-up. Or this nitwit who ended up with a canoe through his windshield during a diabolical selfie attempt. Of course, things can turn out much worse for some selfie snappers, like when this guy accidentally shot himself in the head while posing for a so-called “gun selfie.”

The latest selfie fail to hit the headlines involves a college student in Texas who thought it’d be a good idea to grab a quick topless pic to send to her boyfriend via Snapchat. She was driving at the time.

Bryan Police Department
Bryan Police Department

Losing control of her SUV as she tried to frame the shot, 19-year-old A&M University student Miranda Rader ended up smashing into – of all things – a cop car. The incident occurred on Wednesday night in Bryan, a city about 100 miles north of Houston. There were no reports of injuries.

As the cop approached Rader’s vehicle, he reportedly found her “with an unclasped brassiere” as she attempted to put her blouse back on. According to the Daily News, another driver had earlier witnessed Rader driving erratically, forcing them to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

The arresting officer wrote in an affidavit: “I asked her why she was not dressed while driving and she stated she was taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at a red light.”

The cop also found an open bottle of wine in the car. The student was ticketed for being a minor in possession of alcohol and charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container.

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