Toshiba e740 Pocket PC review

Quote from the review:

“Toshiba has definitely left their mark on the Pocket PC industry with the e740. It’s 400MHz processor smokes most available Pocket PC’s, and its add-on card adds an extra boost to the already large 64MB of SDRAM. The ability to put just about any SD card into the e740 including GPS receivers, along with Compact Flash Type I & II cards, makes this quite an impressive piece of hardware. With it’s lighting fast CPU, it is possible if the user wishes to play any available Windows CE based game like Doom CE & Pocket Quake. One of the nicest features is the built in Ethernet card, because it means that the user can put in an extra expansion card instead of clogging up the SD card slot with a network card.”

Our take: This is one sweet Pocket PC, and unfortunately Toshiba has not been promoting it as much as they should be. The e740 has integrated WiFi ala 802.11b plus lots of room for expansion. If you are in the market for a new PDA, the e740 should at least be looked at.

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