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Massive 24-inch Toshiba tablet runs Android, but also works as a wireless computer monitor

toshiba tt301 shared board tablet 24 inch display news
If this new slate is anything to go by, Toshiba clearly isn’t worried about Android tablets getting a little smaller and missing out on the trend. Wy? The new TT301 tablet has a gigantic 24-inch display. That’s twice the size of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and more than three-times that of a Nexus 7. Named the Shared Board, the TT301 obviously isn’t designed for browsing Reddit while laying in bed, but more for business folk to collaborate on a project together.

However, an interesting feature could also make it useful in the home. While the tablet runs Android, if it’s connected up to a computer with an HDMI cable, or wirelessly using Miracast, it’ll happily act as a monitor or a television. We can imagine the TT301 being built into some imaginative, multi-room home theater systems too. It has a stand to keep it upright, or can be laid flat or hung on the wall.

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The massive, 1080p display makes the TT301 unusual, but the remainder of the spec sheet is a little underwhelming. For example, the tablet doesn’t run the latest version of Android. Far from it, because it comes with 4.2.1 Jelly Bean installed. It may be the most widely used version of Google’s operating system, but that doesn’t mean we want to buy a new device with it onboard.

A 1GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM won’t make the TT301 a gaming powerhouse either, and there’s no indication the 16GB of internal memory can be increased using a MicroSD card. We find it hard to believe there wasn’t enough space to squeeze one inside. In total, the Toshiba tablet weighs a hefty 3.9kg, and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Currently only announced for the Japanese market, Toshiba hasn’t discussed the price or a wider release for the TT301.

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