A partially transparent Galaxy Note 5 looks about as pretty as you can imagine

transparent galaxy note 5

When it comes to personalizing your phone, the status quo is to either pick a color option and deal with it (if there is even a color option), get a case, or buy a skin. For reddit user Skarface08, none of these options seemed satisfactory, so he took it upon himself to create a new method: make his phone transparent.

The phone in question is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which doesn’t have a removable back. That didn’t intimidate Skarface08, though, since he equipped himself with a suction cup, as well as a heat gun and a razor blade.

According to Skarface08, you would first heat up the back using a heat gun. Afterwards, use the suction cup to remove the back cover and wait until the cover cools off a bit. The razor blade would then be used to take the film off the back. Finally, the back cover would then go back on the Galaxy Note 5 because the adhesive is on the phone itself, not the back cover.

If you did everything correctly, you should have a Galaxy Note 5 with a transparent back. There’s something beautiful about seeing part of the internals of the phone, particularly since it’s the first phone in the Note series to not have a removable back. It’s also sure to be a neat parlor trick to your friends who still tote their phones in cases and skins.

Now that Skarface08 explained how to make the back of your Galaxy Note 5 transparent, we doubt he will be the last person to do so. If you do attempt his process, however, know that your phone’s warranty will probably be voided. Even so, if the end result looks like Skarface08’s Galaxy Note 5, then the process might be worth your time.