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Twitter now lets you tweet straight from the Android home screen

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The Twitter app is getting an Android 7.0 update. The new version of the app will take advantage of a number of new Android features, including one that could be very helpful for the Twitter-addicted: app shortcuts.

App shortcuts in Android 7.0 essentially allow users to quickly access certain app functions straight from the Android home screen. It works very similarly to how 3D Touch works on the home screen of iOS, but instead of implementing some fancy new technology, you simply press and hold the app icon.

So what are the app shortcuts that we get in the new Twitter app? From the Android home screen, you’ll be able to send a “New Message,” create a “New Tweet,” and “Search.” Nothing unexpected, to be sure, but they should be very helpful, especially for those who use Twitter a lot.

App shortcuts are a handy feature, but they’re not available to everyone. In fact, they’re really only available on Android launchers that support them. The Google launch on the Pixel and Pixel XL, the Nova launcher, and the Action launcher are currently the only Android launchers that support app shortcuts.

App shortcuts aren’t the only new features coming to the Twitter app. The app also now has multi-window support, basically meaning that you can browse Twitter and other apps at the same time.

None of these features were really unexpected — in fact, they all made their way to the Twitter alpha release a few weeks ago. It’s only now that the official consumer version of the app are getting them.

Twitter version 6.22 is currently rolling out, so if you don’t have it yet you should within the next few days. Head to the Google Play Store to see if the update is available to you.

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