Twitter will now autoplay videos in your timeline by default

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After introducing its own video hosting service back in January, Twitter is finally launching autoplay for native videos. Before today, users had to jump through multiple steps in order to start a video in their timelines. It was an extremely frustrating process, especially during live events.

Beginning today on iOS and on the Web (Android update coming soon), users will see videos, Vines, and GIFs autoplay as they scroll through their timelines. However, no sound will be played unless the user either taps on the video or turns the video to landscape mode. That’s a particularly good idea for those who like to check Twitter inconspicuously without making noise. In the case of a GIF, no sound will be available, so users don’t need to do a thing.

While this new feature will be welcomed with open arms by many Twitter users and advertisers, it won’t be accepted by everyone. You have to give credit to Twitter on this one, because users are allowed to revert back to the old experience if they wish. You have the option of turning off autoplay all the time or only when you are away from Wi-Fi. The latter option makes it easier for those who like autoplay, but happen to be on a capped mobile data plan and don’t want the extra data to go against their allowance, when their phones are connected to a mobile network.

Autoplay might not be groundbreaking, but it is one feature Twitter needed to implement, considering its lack of user growth and the need to keep its overall monetization strategy in place. Autoplay videos should make brands and advertisers happy, even if not every user is pleased with the development.