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Banking glitch leaves hundreds of Uber drivers in the U.K. without pay

When your only source of income fails to cough up the dough, it might leave you in a compromised position. That is how hundreds of Uber drivers must be feeling, since the ridesharing service informed those drivers that their money will not arrive until some time next week, reports The Guardian.

The problem, according to Uber, seems to be a banking glitch that prevented the firm from paying its drivers in Scotland and cities around London. Uber also said the delayed payments should make their way to drivers on Monday, though some claimed Uber told them that their money might not arrive until Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, an error by the bank has meant that payments due by today were delayed to a very small portion of drivers who use our app,” said an Uber spokesperson. “We immediately contacted the bank about this and they have already re-initiated the payments to arrive by Monday. We have contacted everybody affected to explain what has happened and offer our sincere apologies.”

Talking to The Guardian regarding the delays, some drivers said they have dealt with everything from being unable to refuel their cars to having incurred bank fees and not being able to pay bills.

“If I am unable to get payment, then I am left with half a tank of fuel and then I am out of work,” said one driver.

It is unknown whether Uber will compensate drivers for any expenses they might incur from now until they receive their delayed payments. Digital Trends reached out to Uber for comment on the matter and will update accordingly.

Regardless, the company is separately dealing with the fallout of a court ruling that granted Uber drivers in the U.K. employee benefits including minimum wage, paid time off, and possibly back pay. Uber confirmed it will appeal the ruling. The company is also facing similar lawsuits in the U.S. regarding driver status.

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