Uber releases second attempt at Windows Phone app, and this time it’s the real deal

Uber, the popular on-demand ride service that now serves more than 150 cities across 41 countries, has finally landed on Windows Phone.

The San Francisco-based startup announced the new app on Wednesday, with users of Microsoft’s mobile platform able to utilize it in any location where Uber’s service operates.

“Previously, Windows Phone users accessed Uber through our mobile site, but starting today, users can connect through a native app that is optimized for the Windows Phone platform and reflects the complete Uber experience,” the company said in a post on its blog.

“Users will be able to open the Uber app on their Windows Phone anywhere in the world – whether in the United States, India or France – and seamlessly request a safe, reliable ride at the touch of a button.”

The free app also allows you to compare rates for different vehicles and manage payment options, too.

While Uber has been available in the iOS and Android app stores since launch in 2010, Windows Phone users were probably starting to wonder if it would ever arrive for them. An app of sorts did appear briefly in April last year, but the startup decided to pull it after users complained that it was simply a webpage in an app wrapper. Until this week, Microsoft Phone owners looking to make use of Uber’s service have had to make do with its mobile site.

As the third largest mobile platform – one which currently commands only a small percentage of the overall market – Windows Phone has been finding it hard to tempt developers into taking time out from working on iOS and Android software.

A study conducted at the start of this month found that of the top 25 free apps in the iOS app store, only six are available on the Windows Phone platform.

Slowly but surely, however, the situation is changing, and as the platform gradually grows its market share, developers are likely to turn their attention to it in increasing numbers.

[Uber for Windows Phone – download]