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Uber tests out food delivery service ‘UberFresh’ in Santa Monica

uber tests food delivery service uberfresh in santa monica
Uber is all over the map these days. In the past few months, it’s initiated a number of new services with quirky promotional stunts. It’s offered helicopter rides to the Hamptons with UberChopper, the promise of rapid and safe package delivery with UberRush, ACs carried upstairs to NYC apartments, and now it’s delivering fresh meals to the people of Santa Monica with the UberFresh promotion.

Uber’s latest promotion aims to deliver delicious meals from a prix fixe menu, using its fleet of cars. The promotion starts today in Santa Monica, California and ends September 5. During that short span of time, Uber will deliver your meal choice directly to your building, so long as you order between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day.

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The driver can’t get out of the car and hand it to you personally, though, so you do have to hang out on the curb for your lunch. Still, it seems like a pretty stress-free way to get lunch during the busiest times of the day at restaurants. Chillin’ on the curb beats waiting in line anyday.

The meals on the UberFresh menu are from local restaurants in the Santa Monica area to ensure that your food stays hot and delivery is fast. Uber says it will get the food to you in 10 minutes, as opposed to the 45 to 60 minutes it typically takes to get food delivered or buy it in person at a busy restaurant. Each meal will cost you $12 and there’s no fee for the delivery, nor do you have to pay a tip.

If you happen to be a hungry human in Santa Monica who wants to try UberFresh out, all you have to do is toggle to the “uberFRESH” option on the right of the slider, set your delivery location, order your food, and go meet your driver outside.

It’s unclear if this is just a publicity stunt, or if Uber really plans to bring UberFresh to cities across the U.S. and eventually, the world. Uber has a lot of its plate right now, what with bans against its service being issued left and right.

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