Users pick the Tab S over the iPad Air… in Samsung’s latest ad

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A new iPhone is imminent, so Samsung is on the offensive with a new advert that asks ordinary New Yorkers to pick between the South Korean manufacturer’s Tab S and Apple’s iPad Air. Everyone featured in the video opts for the Tab S, but were Apple fans edited out? We may never know.

“We asked people on the streets of New York City to take the Galaxy Tab S for a test drive. Check out what they had to say,” says Samsung in the blurb for the advert, which you can check out in full below. The two tablets — which are actually both very good buys — go head-to-head in hands-on tests that cover design, weight, display and brightness.

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People plucked from the streets of New York by Samsung’s host Duval have plenty to say about the lightness, thinness and brightness of the Tab S. From tourists to joggers, everyone enthusiastically prefers Samsung’s device, with the poor iPad Air left unloved and neglected. “Oh, the resolution’s awesome,” says one pink-shirted passer-by.

Another participant declares that Samsung makes the best screens in the world, with her friend nodding in agreement. YouTube commenters are less unanimous in their praise for the Tab S: “I think the only reason people said Samsung is because they were told this was for a Samsung commercial and they wanted to be on TV,” said one user, who claimed to have seen the filming.

Of course this clip is exactly what you would expect from a carefully crafted Samsung promo, but the company’s strategy of making direct comparisons with iDevices in its marketing offers an interesting contrast to Apple, which barely mentions its competitors at all (save for a few sly digs during keynotes).

Does this promo clip convince you that you need a Tab S in your life? Or would you rather Samsung focused on its own products in its ads? Let us know in the comments below.

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