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Verizon brings back the 24GB per line for life promotion

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It seems like Verizon’s promotion — which gave customers 24GB of extra data per year per line for free in addition to their XL or XXL data allowance — was popular enough to see the light of day again.

Update on 02/16/2016 by Julian Chokkattu: Tweaked wording to clarify that users will need to activate or upgrade to a new phone with a device payment plan to get the 2GB of additional data.

Verizon is bringing back the promo to new and existing customers who activate or upgrade to a new phone with a device payment plan on XL, XXL, or bigger phone data plan. As a refresher, the XL plan begins at $80 per month for 12GB of data. The XXL plan gives you 18GB of data for $100.

There are some restrictions as to how you can access that free 24GB of data. Verizon gives it to you in the form of 2GB per month, added onto your XL or XXL data plan, and it’s shareable with the other members in your family plan. What’s neat is the additional 2GB extends to each member’s line, and best of all, the promo will stay with you as long as you don’t change carriers and stick with Big Red for life.

So if it was just you, the additional data on an XL plan would give you 14GB per month, instead of 12GB, and the XXL plan would give you 20GB after the promo. But if you’re in a family of four, each person gets an additional 2GB added to the data pool to share with the rest of the family, which comes out to be 96GB of additional shared data in a year.

The promo was last offered in December and ended on January 6. It’s available again now, but only for a limited time. Big Red is also still offering the promo that lets consumers earn up to $650 per line to cover the cost of switching to its network.

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