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Verizon customers: Try out Android Pay and get 2GB of free data

Android Pay
If you’ve been hesitant to turn your phone into your wallet and try out Android Pay, now might be the time to give it a shot, at least if you’re a Verizon customer.

Sure, Verizon is the priciest among the wireless carriers, but sometimes there are benefits to being with the company, such as access to its humongous network. Or the fact that you can get an extra 2GB to your data plan simply by giving Android Pay a shot.

Between now and the middle of June, try out Android Pay for the first time and you’ll get 1GB of extra data. After the third time, you’ll get the other 1GB. You’ll get that 2GB for the next two billing cycles, so technically you’ll be getting an extra 4GB, just not all at once.

If you’re an Android user who owns an NFC-compatible phone, Android Pay really isn’t that hard to use, even for the first-time user. Simply fire up the Android Pay app and follow the instructions to add your card. Then, when you want to pay for an item, all you have to do is unlock your phone and hold it up to the pay terminal.

Android Pay first launched back in September, and works with most major credit cards and debit cards, including those from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. It even works with some loyalty cards. Despite how easy it is to use, however, it doesn’t seem to have caught on as much as the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Of course, getting the largest mobile carrier in the U.S. to sign off on it and offer rewards for using it could certainly help.

The offer officially ends on June 14, and the data has to be used by July 13. Additionally, only postpaid customers with the Verizon Plan or the More Everything Plan can take advantage of it.

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