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Verizon asks employees not to buy the iPhone

Verizon doesn’t want to leave anyone out for its historic iPhone launch…except its own employees. Worried that it will run out of supply, Verizon Wireless has issued a corporate memo asking its employees to hold off on buying an iPhone “for the time being,” reports AppleInsider. Should they desire to break the rules, employees who are existing Verizon customers (we assume most) can already pre-order an iPhone 4 from Verizon’s Website as of 3 a.m. EST this morning, Feb. 3.

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“To help ensure we meet customer demand for iPhones, Verizon is urging employees and their families to postpone purchases of the popular smartphone, whether online or in retail stores, for the time being,” reads the email.

Titled “Focus on Customer is Key to Verizon iPhone Launch,” the email was sent by COO John Stratton to “U.S.-Based Management Employees” of Verizon. Below are some highlights of the email, which Stratton believes is a chance to “to show those millions of people what it means to be a Verizon customer — providing them the best network, joined by the very best customer service and support, all adding up to a world-class customer experience.”

“Part of that experience is ensuring we’re able to meet our customers’ needs in the midst of what will surely be unprecedented customer demand,” continued Stratton. “I know customers aren’t the only ones who are excited – employees are, too. While I share your excitement, over the coming weeks we all need to do our part to meet our customers’ needs — this means putting our customers first. After all, that’s the way we do business. That’s the Verizon Credo in action. This is an historic moment in time to rally together and show our loyal customers and new ones what our culture is all about.”

The iPhone 4 officially launches on Verizon Feb. 10 for $199 (16GB) – $299 (32GB) with a two-year contract. Some customers will be able to order the phone on Apple’s online store on Feb. 9 to pick up in-store on Feb. 10.

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