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Verizon expands 5G service with home and business mobile internet in new cities

Verizon users can expect an expansion in 5G services starting today. Including both 5G home internet and Verizon 5G for Business, the carrier announced starting today both 5G options are now available in Birmingham, Alabama, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Similarly, remote work residents can rejoice with these new cities added to their lineup, 5G Home will now be available in 60 cities across the United States. 

According to an announcement by Verizon, 5G Home’s download speeds have increased to up to 1Gbps with typical download speeds of 300Mbps. To attract customers, Verizon is also offering up to $500 to cover early termination fees for those who wish to leave their current internet provider and switch to the 5G home internet.

5G Business Internet is being marketed as an alternative to cable internet. Verizon plans to include professional installation, multiple package pricing and service options, and unlimited data as part of its package to attract customers. More importantly, professional business users can get a 10-year price lock — a new long-term contract required — and are willing to provide a credit of up to $1,500 to off the early termination fees.

If neither of those options works for you, Verizon has also announced more 5G expansion options, including their 5G Ultra Wideband mobile data lines. 5G Ultra Wideband will be expanded, allowing users to download and stream movies and TV shows and seconds, and have a faster gaming experience on the go. For those business customers that need their business line on the go, customers can also tack on a mobile hotspot for $30 a month to ensure a speedy connection while working in transit. 

Plans for 5G Home will begin at $50 per month with a qualifying plan, while 5G for Business will start at $45 per month and are available beginning today.

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