Verizon Go90 brings live NBA games to your phone
In today’s media market, if you want to sell a video app to people, you’re going to need to partner with some big names. Today, Verizon and the NBA agreed on a multiyear partnership to allow users of Verizon’s new video streaming app Go90 to watch live NBA games and content on mobile devices.

Go90 is a free video streaming app Verizon launched in October. The new deal will allow viewers to watch some out-of-market live games for free, though it’s not clear how many at this point. Extra games can be purchased via the the NBA’s League Pass, which offers the purchase of single games at $7 a pop, team passes ($120) to follow the season of your favorite team, and League Pass ($200) which offers around 1,000 out-of-market games.

Along with allowing users to share in-game highlights and watch live games in their home market, the NBA and Go90 will also develop original series for the streaming service.

This marks the most significant partnership between the NBA and Verizon since September 2009, when Verizon included NBA League Pass in its Fios TV channel lineup. An NBA rep speaking with Digital Trends explicitly stated this is not an exclusive content agreement. However, the press release states “all Go90 users will have access to exclusive NBA-related content.”

Verizon has been the primary place to stream NFL games on mobile devices since the wireless corporation spent $720 million in 2010 for a four year agreement, before renewing the contract for $1 billion and four extra years in September 2013. Two months before the NBA partnership, Verizon began allowing all of its wireless customers to watch NFL broadcasts on their phones via the NFL Mobile app, free of charge.

There is no word on financial terms or how long the multi-year deal will last. Looking at past deals Verizon has made with the NHL and the NFL in the last three years, Go90 users can expect to watching Steph Curry terrify grown men with his jumpshot for quite some time.

The Go90 app is available for Android and iOS users now.

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