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Verizon Unlimited plans bundle 5G, but won’t allow 1080p streaming over LTE

Mix and Match New Unlimited Plans

Verizon has announced a new range of mix-and-match Unlimited plans, available from August 5. With a variable amount of data and benefits, these new plans mean you can finally pick a plan that fits your usage — as long as your usage doesn’t involve Full HD content on LTE.

There are four plans available — excluding Just Kids — and each offers unlimited data, 4K streaming, and hot spot usage in 5G-enabled cities. Three of the four also discount Verizon’s $10 5G access fee for a limited time, making it one of the best ways of accessing Verizon’s 5G network. However, each of them differs slightly where LTE is concerned, and apparently, not even the most expensive option allows the streaming of Full HD 1080p video.

Start Unlimited is the most basic of the set, and offers basic unlimited access. You’ll get unlimited texts, calls, and data, but streaming is limited to 480p. However, you’ll also get six months of Apple Music for free. That plan starts at $70 for a single line, with discounts offered up to $30 for five lines or more. If you want 5G on this plan then you’ll also have to pony up an extra $10 a month, as this is the only plan not to get limited complimentary 5G access for a 5G phone.

Do More Unlimited is the productivity-focused plan, and offers everything you need to get stuff done. That means 50GB of premium data that skips data congestion time (and 15GB of premium hotspot data), 500GB of cloud storage, six months of Apple Music, and 50% off a connected tablet or Verizon Jetpack. On the downside, you’re still restricted to 480p streaming. That plan starts at $80 for a single line, and falls to $40 with five or more lines.

Both the Get More Unlimited and Play More Unlimited offer 720p streaming and include an Apple Music subscription. The Play More Unlimited has access to 25GB of premium data (15GB of premium hot spot data), while the Get More Unlimited offers a monstrous 75GB of premium data (and 30GB of premium hot spot data), 500GB of cloud storage, and 50% off a connected tablet or Jetpack. But you pay extra for all those extra benefits — the Get More Unlimited plan starts from $90, but falls to $50 with five and more lines. The Play More Unlimited plan starts from $80, and falls to $40 with five or more lines.

Finally, there’s the Just Kids add-on. This can’t be purchased by itself, but it offers 5GB of data (and unlimited Safety Mode afterward) and 480p streaming, as well as unlimited texts and calls to 20 contacts and parental controls and location tracking by default. It starts at $50 as a second line and falls to $25 for five or more lines.

Curious as to which new plan matches you best? Verizon has also designed a BuzzFeed-style quiz to help you choose. Yup, you read that right. Verizon has teamed up with BuzzFeed quiz guru Rachel McMahon to come up with a short quiz that identifies the new Verizon Unlimited plan that’s right for you. It’s oddly charming in its own way, and worth trying if you’re curious.

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