Starting next week, each prepaid tier will be leveling up its data allowance. Rather than 2GB for $4o, you’ll get 3GB. Rather than 5GB for $50, you’ll get 7GB. And if you’re currently paying $70 for 10GB, you’ll enjoy a $10 break, with the highest tiered plan now costing $60 a month. These adjustments go well with Verizon’s recently introduced $80 prepaid plan, which gives you unlimited data.

But don’t get too excited too soon. Alas, all video playback will now be limited to 480p, and yes, that’s the case regardless of which prepaid plan you choose. So if you were hoping to stream hours and hours of Netflix on your smartphone, you may be a bit disappointed.

Furthermore, Verizon notes that it “may prioritize your data behind other customers” if networks are congested. And if you do exceed your monthly data allowance, your speeds will be cut down to 128kbps (unless, of course, you’re on the unlimited plan).

That said, the new plans do come with a few other standard perks, including Mobile Hotspot and Carryover Data. Plus, Verizon is offering a $100 if you switch over from another carrier and activate a prepaid plan.

“This is all about providing you with more data, more choice and more value — and ultimately more ways for you to get on and enjoy the Verizon network,” the company concluded. “Whether you use 3 GB of data a month or want to go unlimited — we’ve got a plan for you — with no credit check or long-term contract required.”