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Verizon raises eyebrows by installing app on Galaxy S7 that installs bloatware

Samsung Galaxy S7
Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital Trends
There are several reasons why Android fans don’t like buying handsets through carriers, one of which being dealing with bloatware. Unfortunately for them, a thread on Reddit noted that Verizon’s latest update to the Samsung Galaxy S7 brought upon what one Reddit user called a “carrier-approved Trojan horse.”

This so-called Trojan horse is DT Ignite, a platform created by Digital Turbine that, in short, is used by carriers to install bloatware on your smartphone. More specifically, third-party applications are installed either when you first activate your handset, factory reset it, or, if the carrier requests it, update your phone, all without your consent. However, the main justification for using DT Ignite seems to be the promise of speedier system updates, with the applications able to be uninstalled and not counting against your monthly data allowance when downloaded.

Interestingly, Verizon released a statement to clarify what DT Ignite will do, with the company saying applications will be added during the initial set-up process. However, Big Red also stated it will not install applications once Galaxy S7 owners update to the new software and in the background.

“Following the initial set-up, the software will not push or install new apps at any time in the background,” Verizon told Digital Trends. “Any app installed through DT Ignite is completely removable and can be uninstalled.”

Liked by a select few, bloatware is something even Google is trying to cut back on, with more and more of its apps able to be uninstalled from your Android smartphone. Even so, you can do the second-best thing and disable DT Ignite through the All tab in the Apps page within Settings, since you can’t uninstall DT Ignite unless your handset is rooted.

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