Verizon’s ‘Viewdini’ combines Netflix, Hulu and other video services into one app

Verizon viewdini

Drawing similarities to methods of content aggregation used by Google TV, Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead announced the development of a new video aggregation service called Viewdini. Designed to help Verizon Wireless customers locate both premium and free online video on mobile devices, the Viewdini service can be searched for content that’s offered by Netflix, Hulu, mSpot, Verizon’s FiOS and Comcast’s Xfinity TV. Mead also indicated that a variety of television and movie studio sites will be included within the service.

Verizon Viewdini Info ScreenVerizon Wireless customers won’t have to pay for the service, but they will have to pay for premium video services. When a customer searches for a piece of content, the application will indicate if the video can be streamed for free or through a paid rental. In the cases of content on Netflix and Hulu Plus, the ability to view video will require a premium subscription.

The application also links content and allows customers to view related videos in addition to extra information about a video like reviews, descriptions and information about actors and actresses. Verizon was unclear on how video is played through the application. It’s possible that the Viewdini application will have to automatically launch the separate Netflix or Hulu Plus applications to access premium subscription content.

Mead indicated that the company has been working on this platform for several years and hopes that the application will increase the amount of streaming video that is consumed over Verizon’s LTE network.  Management at Verizon Wireless believes that this application will encourage more customers to upgrade to more expensive data plans. Verizon plans on launching the Viewdini service later this month on 4G LTE Android devices. The company is also continuing to work on support for other mobile platforms as well. When the service goes live, Android users will be able to download the Verizon Viewdini application from the Google Play store.