Moshi just launched an iPad case with a hidden keyboard

versakeyboard disappearing keyboard

Companies like to show off technology at CES that seems like it’s out of a Sci-Fi film. Moshi showed off it’s new iPad keyboard and made it seem like something you’d see on the Starship Enterprise by calling it the “World’s first disappearing iPad keyboard.” The VersaKeyboard isn’t as crazy as it sounds, but it does appear to be a promising iPad accessory.

On show at CES 2014, the VersaKeyboard is an iPad case that comes equipped with a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard that is hidden within the case when not in use. The case folds origami-style and provides a stand for the iPad, ideal for getting a good viewing angle. The keyboard slides in and out of a storage slot in the back of the case, making it “disappear” when you don’t need it. So it’s not quite as sci-fi as it sounds, but it still seems convenient. 

The keyboard itself is 0.6-inch thick and weighs 13.4 ounces. Its range with bluetooth makes it possible to use the keyboard 30 feet away from your iPad (though we’re not sure why you would). It charges via micro USB and users will get about 130 hours of battery life out of a charge.

The VersaKeyboard will be available in black with a charcoal gray cover. It will retail for $100 from Moshi’s online store starting sometime in the early part of 2014.

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