Leaked video allegedly shows the All New HTC One in all of its dual-camera glory

video all new htc one dual camera

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Leaks for HTC’s upcoming All New HTC One (codenamed M8) have all but assured us as to what the handset looks like, and what we can expect in terms of technical specs. What we have yet to see, however, is the phone in action. But thanks to a newly leaked video, our curiosity might finally be fed.

In the video tour, we are apparently treated to a black AT&T variant of the All New HTC One – the same model that we saw leaked in a different color. The user compares the handset with last year’s HTC One … and showers us with some Soulja Boy in the background. More interestingly, though, we get a look at Sense 6, which is layered on top of some “protected” version of Android (likely to be KitKat).

Unfortunately, the original uploader made the mistake of showing some IMEI numbers, which were on the back of the handset, that reveal a wealth of information about the device (like which carrier has received a particular phone). UnleashThePhones reports that Jeff Gordon, an HTC communications executive, had an exchange with the uploader, who was identified as Roshan Jamkatel.

The revealing tweets have since been deleted, but Ausdroid took a few screenshots of the exchange (below). After Gordon called him out, Jamkatel said the phone was “fake.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds like he’s trying to save himself from HTC’s wrath.

According to Gordon, HTC is currently investigating the leak, but we can assume that things won’t turn out rosy for Jamkatel. We will update as we learn more. See the relevant tweets below:

exchange 1
exchange 2
exchange 3
exchange 4
exchange 5

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