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This crazy smartphone packs a glasses-free 3D display — really

No, VKWorld is not a brand name that you’ll even remotely recognize, but the Chinese firm wants to make quite the splash with its Discovery S1, a smartphone that includes a glasses-free 3D display.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The last time we put “smartphone” and “glasses-free 3D display” in the same sentence was with both the HTC Evo 3D and the LG Thrill 4G, two phones that delivered 3D experiences hampered by their subpar display resolutions. VKWorld hopes to offset that by giving the Gorilla Glass 3-protected 5.5-inch display on the Discovery S1 a resolution of 1,280 × 720, effectively resulting in a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch.

Unfortunately, other than the “it can stand up” feature, not much else is known about the Discovery S1. We can speculate that the phone will be powered by a MediaTek processor, seeing how VKWorld is a relatively small Chinese smartphone manufacturer and it probably wants to cut costs in as many places as possible. In addition, the Discovery S1 might be able to take 3D pictures, much like the Evo 3D and Thrill 4G did when they were available. However, the two former handsets had two cameras on the back that allowed such a capability, whereas the Discovery S1 only has one camera.

Finally, we’re wondering whether you can actually control the 3D feature. In certain areas of the phone, the Evo 3D made effective use of a side toggle that let you turn the 3D feature on and off. Based on the images we’ve seen of the Discovery S1, the phone has no such toggle, which could mean this feature is software-based.

This is all speculation on our part, and we likely won’t learn more details until the phone launches sometime in the near future.

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