Vodafone K.K. Announces Toshiba V602T

The V602T is available in both “metal” and “ceramic” textural variations for different expressions rather than the common colour variations found with mobile handsets today. The metal variation features dimples on the exterior, and the ceramic version has a grooved finish that is reminiscent of porcelain*.

As a point of unity, both variations use the “super oval” design concept. With the common circular motif found in the overall shape and on the individual number keys, the handset projects an image of being enveloped with warmth, which lends it a futuristic feel. The V602T is also a packet-based PDC (2G) model that supports the latest Vodafone K.K. services.

*Handset exteriors does not use actual metals or porcelain.

The main features of the V602T are as follows:

– New design concept of textural variations that focuses on a quality, material feel

– Supports latest services such as Chaku-Uta(r), 256K Appli Ver. 2 and Movie Mask

– 1.31 megapixel camera, 2.2 inch QVGA LCD, and miniSD(tm) support for imaging enjoyment

Toshiba V602T