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Volvo jumps on the connected watch bandwagon with new app

Following the path blazed by rivals Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and BMW, Sweden’s Volvo has introduced a car control application designed for smartwatches such as the Android Wear and the brand new Apple Watch.

Volvo’s software is essentially an updated version of the Volvo On Call app that has been available for smartphones and tablets for the past couple of years. The app has been given a brand new design inspired by the state-of-the-art infotainment system found in the new XC90.

Volvo owners can use their connected watch to instantly find their car in a crowded parking lot, and they can remotely lock it and unlock it without having to find their keys or get their phone out. However, one of the most practical features of the Volvo On Call app is the ability to set the climate control. Owners can use their watch to turn the heater on before they head out on a chilly winter morning, or to turn the A/C on before they step out into the scorching heat to ensure the cockpit is at a comfortable temperature.

The updated app also allows Volvo drivers to check the mileage of their car, see how much fuel is left in the tank, get an estimate of how far they can drive before filling up, and receive instant service reminders. Additionally, plug-in hybrid drivers will likely be able to use the app to start, schedule, and stop the charging process.

Smartwatch-clad Volvo owners can download Volvo On Call right now, but the company is already planning on releasing an updated version of the app that will include enhanced send-to-car capabilities for the navigation system. When the update is ready, drivers will be able to send an address directly from their connected watch to their Volvo’s navigation system.

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