Wonder what you’d look like with blue eyes? Check it out with ModiFace Live

If you often find that your aimless wandering leads you to a Sephora, I’m about to save you a lot of walking. Thanks to a new iOS application called ModiFace Live, you can now apply photo-realistic video effects to your face on live video, essentially allowing you to put on makeup, whiten your teeth, and even enhance your skin, just not IRL. It’s all thanks to ModiFace, the leading provider of augmented reality technology for both the beauty and medical industries, who launched the gesture-controlled live 3D video-effect app at TechCrunch Disrupt on Monday.

“We have taken our most popular 2D effects including contact lenses, makeup, teeth whitening, and face reshaping, and turned them into photo-realistic 3D filters which users can play with on their live video,” said Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace. “The best part is that some of the effects have hidden surprises when users interact with them — such as kissing to change the lip color or raising eyebrows to change eye color.”

Not only can the user individually interact with the app, but he or she can also share results with others via various messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger. Because sometimes, you need your mom’s advice on what shade of color contact brings out your eyebrows best, you know? 

Extending to minutia that would all but impossible without a professional makeup artist, the app allows users to control the intensity of each effect, which makes for “extremely realistic results in all lighting conditions.” And because all the app’s effects correspond with a real-life beauty product, brands can sponsor certain effects, allowing users to try on different products without ever leaving their homes.

Now available for download on the Apple Store, augmented reality has never looked so good as it does with ModiFace Live. And neither have you.

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